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HS300 / HS400 / HS550 台式功放设备桌面定制支架,选用6063高强度航空铝材,层板底面设计有震动吸收槽,中间留有导风口,叠叠乐使用方式,可以单层或者多层叠加使用。小蛮腰支撑脚设计,支撑脚底部都安装有减震硅胶,落地层配有专业避震脚和垫片。

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HS110 HiFi Desktop Stand Available Now!

HS110 HiFi Desktop Stand Designed for EnthusiastFor stands, we not only regard them as a shelf but also need to consider aspects such as compatibility, load-bearing, and transportation to improve the user experience while ensuring aesthetics. 1. Support pieceSlidable and replaceable 2. BearingsPrecision riveting, resistance of 7~8KGF-CM 3. BaseRemovable, easily assembled with one screw AttitudeWhat we place on the table and interface daily, we wish for it to remain fresh and fashionable. Specifications:Material: AL6063 aluminium alloy, silicone anti-slip padBearing resistance:…

Read moreHS110 HiFi Desktop Stand Available Now!

AS100 HiFi Metal Storage Case Available Now!

AS100 HiFi Metal Storage Case(Ashtray Design)Containers are a disguiseIn the real world or the virtual digital space, we need containers to transport irregular objects. Containers have no names and are generally named after the items they carry. This metal storage caseSince everyone thinks it is an ashtray, let’s add some functions. This metal storage case has three grooves and a cigar holder*.*The cigar holder is suitable for cigars with a maximum ring gauge of 42 and a diameter of approximately…

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TC44Pro E2 4.4mm Balanced USB DAC Amplifier Available Now!

 TC44Pro E2 4.4mm Balanced USB DAC Amplifier   "Eye", second generationThe eye is ddHiFi's wired variant of USB DAC Amplifier dongles. The design has only one interface, and the shape is centred like an eye. The wires of the second generation Eye sport all pure silver shielded conductors, similar to the entire 07 series of pure silver conductors used on TC44Pro E2, which is solid and durable while ensuring resolution and detailed performance. Tuning, not just high powerTC44Pro E2 uses two…

Read moreTC44Pro E2 4.4mm Balanced USB DAC Amplifier Available Now!

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